MIL•IEU (mēl-ˌyü or mil-yoo)  n.  

The physical or social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops

Founded in 1996, Milieu Design is a full service design firm that inspires vision, works closely with clients, and brings ideas into reality.  We love our craft, and take pride in every step of the design process – from project visioning and schematic design to design detailing and hands-on construction management.

We are entrusted by our clients to meet unique requirements for projects large and small, including places to live, learn, recreate, worship, gather, innovate and work. Whether your project calls for adaptive reuse of an outdated structure, design of a new building, or thoughtful master planning with sensitivity to surrounding context and social impact, we have the multi-disciplinary team to help you define project vision and bring it to reality. 

Give us a challenging space, a unique vision, an empty slate, or a specific request and we will help you transform your milieu into a memorable place with enduring value. This includes ideation, visionary thinking, branding, sustainability and healthy living studies, urban design, site planning, finish selections, design detailing and even furniture design!  Let our design team work with you to develop creative solutions that will provide customer satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.


Our name, Hinika, is inspired by the Japanese term itsuno hinika, roughly translated into english as someday. It is a positive reminder to continue looking forward, ever hopeful, ever curious and constantly striving to create a more beautiful world. To never stop dreaming.

We approach our designs with a feeling of restlessness. An enthusiasm to create something new, something different yet something you feel instantly comfortable with. An item you will cherish.

We see that every object has a character or feeling attached to it. We all impart our own feelings onto these objects through our shared history as well as our individual experiences. A wooden chair is simply a wooden chair, but each of us will see that chair in a different light based on how we may have experienced it before. Our aim is to understand these types of relationships that people share with such personal objects and to enhance that experience with unique designs that bring about exciting new encounters.

The Design Project

The Design Project produces high-quality furniture kitchens and joinery for residential and commercial clients throughout New Zealand, Australia, Auckland and the Pacific, including designers, builders, architects, and home owners.

We have an unrivalled selection of beautifully-crafted furniture, from the classic to the cutting edge contemporary, and offer an attractive array of furnishings to suit every style and taste.

Our high-quality furniture and kitchens can be found in homes, hotels, motels, cafes, restaurants, apartments, aged care facilities, and many other premises throughout Australasia where people demand elegant and comfortable living areas.
We also create bespoke, custom-made furniture and kitchens and work with designers and home owners to create stylish, unique products that they will love.A


We manufacture surfboards that are entirely made of wood from balsa trees that we plant in destroyed Indonesian rainforest areas, with the ultimate goal of restoring an entire ecoregion.

Our boards are lightweight, high performance & zero waste.

At SnapperX, we have a deep sense of respect for all the natural systems that sustain us. That's why we are actively involved in coral reef restoration, rainforest reforestation and turtle beach protection on the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The Gourmet Kitchen Company


At The Gourmet Kitchen Company, we design elegant and bespoke Shaker kitchens. New Zealand based, our kitchens are thoughtfully designed, capturing the sophisticated look and luxurious feel of a traditional handcrafted kitchen. Our luxury kitchens are all bespoke and thoughtfully designed to our clients’ personal taste. We incorporate refined craftsmanship and elegant finishes in all that we design, using only the finest materials and classical Shaker elements. It’s what defines our signature sophisticated style.

Our clients value the care and ease with which they are treated throughout the design journey. From the first design consultation to the finished build and installation, they know they are being well taken care of, with their own personal taste always understood.     

Whether it’s a large English-style family kitchen, a smaller vintage-inspired design, or a boutique custom layout, we embrace creating bespoke and traditional kitchens that capture the timeless look and feel of the classical Shaker style, every element being beautiful, tasteful and refined. From our luxury Shaker kitchens, to our signature barn doors, to high-end bathroom vanities, we incorporate beautiful simplicity and refined craftsmanship in everything we do.

Louis Divine

Exceptional Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interior Cabinetry.

Louis Divine’s quality timeless kitchens and bathrooms create a sense of homely serenity and elegant functionality.  Experienced designers, cabinet makers and experts in project management and logistics create the bridge between your imagination and the finished product.  Your Custom Design Project is a collaboration of the professional skills, experience and resources of the Louis Divine team with a strong focus on customer service. Louis Divine provide functionality with design using contrasting materials that create layers of style to the overall design. We work hard to create the perfect kitchen and joinery for all areas of your home -  Media Cabinets, Library Cabinets, Office Cabinetry, Vanities and much more. Our timeless designs and ability to create layers of style using various contrasting elements along with the luxurious finish of our range is the hallmarks of Louis Divine Kitchens.

Design Avant

Design Avant offers personalised service from design through to prototyping, production, transport and installation. We specialise in catering to the exacting standards and high expectations of world-class architects, interior designers and developers. 
Our strength lies in our exceptional design capabilities as well as our flexible production facilities. We are not simply another contractor but a complete solution to your highly individual interior construction and sourcing needs.

Design Avant’s head office and main production facility are located in Surabaya Indonesia with a secondary design and logistics office in Singapore. Project management can be handled from both Surabaya and Singapore and the management team are capable of all types of project management from general contractor through to specialty services.

Appletree Designs

Rachel Steinmetz - Owner and Interior Designer

Internationally acclaimed and award winning Interior Designer, Rachel Steinmetz, offers over 13 years of valuable Interior Design knowledge and experience which she has gained from living and practicing in both Europe and New Zealand.

Rachel is passionate about creating beautiful spaces and homes by offering tailor made solutions to suit the needs of her clients. Rachel works across both residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand. Projects have included complete project management of newly built homes, complete home renovations, bespoke joinery, kitchens, bathrooms, custom made soft furnishings, and interior design solutions for commercial spaces such as boutique 5 star lodges, restaurants and offices.